Branding Y.O.U. as a Direct Seller Course

Branding Y.O.U. as a Direct Seller Course

There's a common misconception when it comes to branding that it's all about your logo, business name and the colors you use.

But branding is SO much more than that!

Branding is your unique style, vibe, the solutions you offer, the promises you make and who you help & how you serve them.

Branding is really more about your ideal customer and attracting them through your visual and written marketing and customer service.

And as a direct seller, it's even more important that you have a unique brand all of your own.

You aren't just a sales person or rep for your company.People can buy your products and services from thousands of other consultants or companies...

But YOU, your brand, your service are what will attract people to buy from you not just once, but repeatedly and to refer their friends.

Knowing how to show up authentically, being clear on who you serve, how you help them and how to connect with your people makes all the difference!

➡️ If you're struggling to attract clients, hosts and team members (or keep them)

➡️ If you're not sure how to brand yourself or make yourself stand out among the crowds

➡️ Or if you're not sure how to really show people the solutions you offer (or what solutions you actually offer)

➡️ And if you want to be able to create content & marketing copy that actually gets people interacting and engaging

then the Branding Y.O.U. as a Direct Seller Course, Templates & Bonuses will help! 💯

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✅ This course will help you with branding yourself uniquely, being more authentic in your marketing, creating your unique messaging, identifying your ideal client & understanding how to attract, connect with & best serve them.

✅ Through the training and bonuses you'll learn how to attract more of your ideal clients from your visual branding to your written marketing, your content, processes & approach in your business online, on social media and in person.

✅ You'll also learn how to get comfortable being more visible, simple ways to improve your customer service, and how to easily build your confidence about sharing your business with others online and in person.

✅ After completing this course you'll have:

  • your brand identity clarified and created
  • a branding kit with a logo and matching social media templates
  • your authentic branding statement & messaging
  • your ideal client description & attraction keywords
  • your unique solution statement & selling points
  • a 3 step plan to attract your ideal clients
  • hundreds of ideas for content that will convert your clients into buyers, hosts and team members
  • all your core branding elements to move forward in marketing your business authentically
  • more confidence to share your direct sales business with the world

In addition to the Branding Y.O.U. course, you'll receive these EXTRA BONUSES to help you save time & get your brand elements ready to use right away! ($77 value - yours free with the course!)

  • Canva Brand Board Template
  • Training on Creating your own Brand Board
  • Designing your Logo in Canva Training
  • 20 Custimizable Canva Logo Templates you can use to make your own logo in a breeze
  • Creating your Core Branding Elements & Social Media Templates in Canva Class
  • Additional Resources & Training in the Course on Color Psychology, How to Choose your Brand Name, Create a Content Plan & More!

Grab continued access to the course, bonuses & ready to customize templates to go through at your own pace for only $47 usd now! ($127 value!)

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Branding YOU Course and Bonuses Preview

Get your branding, marketing & customer attraction set up for success now with this course & bonuses for only $47 usd now! ($127 value!)

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