1:1 Branding & Marketing Audit + Coaching with Misty (includes Branding Y.O.U. Course)

1:1 Branding & Marketing Audit + Coaching with Misty (includes Branding Y.O.U. Course)

Limited Spaces Available Each Month!

🔵 I know it can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming to really narrow down your specific branding, messaging, marketing strategy and content plan.

🔵 You might have your branding design figured out but still be struggling to create an effective content plan that showcases your solutions and creates engagement.

🔵 There may also be visibility fears or confidence issues that hold you back from marketing your business like you want to and you know you need some help or coaching to get past those.

🔵 Or you might have questions you want answered on what to do next for your marketing, how to get your audience more engaged and what to do your business growing 

🔵 Maybe you need some extra feedback and want a boost of extra support and 1:1 coaching and accountability to help you get your branding and marketing work completed and your plans implemented


For those who would like more support and to get customized, 1:1 coaching to help with their branding, marketing and visibility:

I am offering a limited # of optional Branding Audit & Strategy Coaching & Support packages each month!

Here's what is included and how the Audit & Support package works:


1. You'll receive lifetime access to my Branding Y.O.U. Course & Bonuses to complete first. ($117 value - $47 if purchased on it's own)

Branding YOU Course and Bonuses

2. You'll receive a Detailed Brand Review & Audit by me.  Once you have finished the course & workbook for the Branding Y.O.U. and you are ready to request your audit, you will fill out a detailed info. form, giving me all the info about your branding, marketing, business goals, social media, etc and send your Branding YOU worksheets to me.

I will review everything including your social media sites, blog/website, consultant website, marketing plan, content plan, brand summary, brand board, you business goals, visibility struggles and more. 

3. Then I will record and send you a Detailed Video of your Review & Audit with Strategy, Implementation Steps & Coaching.  I will then record & send you a video (for you to download & keep) where I share my feedback and give you tips, suggestions to help with clarifying your branding, logo, content categories, content plan and basic marketing plan.

I will also provide an implementation checklist so you can easily know what steps to take next to improve your branding, marketing and visibility.

In the video, I will also answer any additional questions you have as well as offer coaching on specific struggles or mindset, visibility or other marketing issues you mentioned in your survey.

(You must complete the Branding Y.O.U. Course & Worksheets & the Audit info. form first in order for me to be able to do your audit & for me to be able to have enough information to help you with your strategy. I can typically provide your audit within 14 days, if it will be longer than that I will let you know when you submit your form.)

4. You can enjoy continued 1:1 support & help to implement your marketing strategy and branding updates via email and voice messaging from me for 30 (thirty) days after your audit is complete.  Once I have sent you the audit & strategy video & implementation steps, you will have 30 days of additional 1:1 coaching and support from me to help as you complete all your branding work, content plan and implementing your updated marketing strategy, work on getting more visible, overcoming fears and begin using your new branding strategy in your business.

(I will reply within 48 hours during Mon-Fri to your emails/voice messages.)


The great thing is that you'll have 6 months from the date of purchase to request your audit & get the 30 days of extra support after. (And you'll have lifetime access to the Branding Y.O.U. Course and Templates!)


All the coaching & communication will be done via email, recorded video and voice messaging (through Voxer).

(This allows a much more convenient & accessible way for us to communicate that works for both of our schedules. Most importantly, it gives you the ability to ask questions whenever you have them and get more detailed, faster support from me than doing a weekly or monthly coaching session.)


If this sounds like something you would like to help improve your branding, marketing & visibility, I have limited spaces available each month at only $297.

🎇 NOTE: This package also includes the Branding Y.O.U. Course - if you have already purchased the course, you can get a $50 discount towards the Audit, please email hello@directsellingceo.com for the discount prior to purchasing.

🎇 Remember you'll have SIX months from the date of purchase to request your audit and take advantage of the 30 days follow up support afterwards. 

Click here to purchase the Branding Y.O.U. Course & 1:1 Branding & Marketing Audit & Strategy Coaching Package

If you need more details or have questions about whether the Branding Audit & Strategy Support is right for you - email at hello@directsellingceo.com

Thank you!

Misty Kearns

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